The depth of My Spirit calls to the depth of your spirit. Roaring deep calls to roaring deep, at the thunder of Your waterspouts. Hear the sound of the thunder in the distance?  Hear the sound of the rain itís coming. The call of the Spirit is to those who are Cave Dwellers.

You were called to the cave and now I am calling you out.  I called you to the cave to train you and to bring you out in humility.  The call is to you who have dwelt in the cave, come out.  Hear the call of Christ through the Spirit.

Hear the call of Christ to His mighty men.  It is the same sound, the same call that went out to David and his mighty men.  Just as Davidís army was trained in the cave, so has the Spirit of the Lord trained you.  Come out of the cave, come out of the trenches, it is time to advance and declare war with the boldness of Christ, you mighty men.

I will not allow for the fear of the enemy to hold you back.  I will not allow those I have trained to have a cave mentality.  My call is to come out into the wide open spaces and see what I will do.

As you come out one by one, you will see you are not alone.  You will see multitudes, multitudes gathering together as my great vast army is to numerous to number.

One by one I call you out.  As you gather together the earth will begin to quake at the marching of My great army.  The sound of marching will be the sound of Godly thunder in the ears of the enemy of the Lord and His people.  The Lord He is victorious and know this, He always wins.

You are on the winning side, so come out, come out and be bold, and see what I will do.  Hear the sound of the quaking earth?  Hear the sound of UNITY marching?  See the great weapons of my great army.  The great weapon of humility waved as a banner high.  The earth is the Lordís and all its fullness. Come out.  Be bold, and see what I will do.